Top 5 hottest curvy actresses of Ullu app - part 1.

5 hot and popular actresses of Ullu app web series who are known for their fine natural curves - Priya Gamre, Sneha Paul and more.

curvy hot ullu app actresses
photo : instagram

Ullu app has emerged as one of the most popular Indian OTT Platforms known for it's bold content. Some of the popular series like Charmsukh, Palang Tod, Riti Riwaj and many more have been streaming on this app and gave boost to many actresses who are staring out as actresses as well as introudcing some fresh faces. The series have also focused more on featuring actresses who are more natural looking and blessed with fine curves. Here are 5 hot and popular actresses who raised the heat with their fine curvy body.

1. Priya Gamre.

Known for Shahad, Matki, Maa Dvrani Beti Jethani, Relationship counsellor and Gaachi.
priya gamre cleavage navel saree ullu actress

2. Sneha Paul.

Known for Chawl House and Laal Lihaaf.
Charmsukh chawl house sneha paul sexy legs

3. Prajakta Dusane.

Known for Patra Petika, Jalebi Bai, Gaachi.
Prajakta Dusane cleavage saree hot curvy actress ullu app

4. Kavita Radheshyam.

Known for Kavita Bhabhi and Ashuddhi.
Kavita Radheshyam bhabhi saree hot ullu

5. Natasha Rajsewari.

Known for Jalebi Bai and Walkman.
Natasha Rajsewari curvy hot ullu actress

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