8 hot videos of Sangeeta Bijlani.

Sangeeta Bijlani best hot videos which sets screens on fire - Beautiful and hot actress of Bollywood from 90s.

sangeeta biljani hot videos
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Sangeeta Bijlani was one of the hottest and most beautiful actresses of her time in 90s and the actress is now defying age with her glamorous hot looks and style on social media and various red carpet events and Bollywood parties. The actress did and still makes much buzz as she was in the relationship with Salman Khan which lasted for almost a decade.

See these 8 videos of this stunning actress which set screens on fire and won millions of hearts.

Sangeeta Bijlani in red saree dancing with Terrence.

Jaaneman Dekhiya - Jagannath.

Raat Bhar Jam Se - Tridev.

Gazar Ne Kiya Hai Ishara - Tridev.

Raat Ko 12 Baje - Jagannath.

Gali Gali Mein (original) - Tridev.

Chubhte Hain Phool Mujhe - Yugandhar.

Kya Gaadi Hai Kya - Lakshman Rekha.

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