The Snare (2017) horror film - Eaoifa Forward, Rachel Warren, Dan Paton.

Three friends trapped in a top floor of a building only to see horrific events and unimaginable things while trying to survive till help comes - watch The Snare 2017 horror film.

photo : youtube

The Snare, a horror/thriller, was released in 2017. The film stars Eaoifa Forward, Rachel Warren and Dan Paton as main cast who decides to spend a weekend getting drunk in the top floor of a building by the sea.

However things doesn't go well for the three friends as they get trapped at the top floor. With lack of food and water, the three tries hard to survive but the worst thing is when paranormal forces start acting up on them as well. The man in the group of friends is frustrated with no water and even tries to have sex with both his female friends before he gets killed. The film has some visuals which will make you very confortable too.

The Snare is directed by C. A. Cooper and it's an Indie horror.

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