9 hottest videos of Elli Avrram which set screens on fire - watch now.

9 hot videos of Bollywood dancer and actress, Elli Avrram, which raised the temperature - From Chamma Chamma to sizzling hot dance performances.

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Elli Avrram is a sweedish-greek dancer and actress based in Mumbai and working in Bollywood films. Along with holding her spot in some of the hottest and most desirable women of Bollywood, the actress has got some amazing dance skills which she has showcased in her various music videos, item songs and dance choreography videos. 

From setting the screens on fire with Chamma Chamma remake to showing some incredible dance moves in many other dance videos, this stunning diva never failed to win the fans. Here are 9 hottest videos of Elli Avrram which set screens on fire.

1. Chamma Chamma.

2. Har Funn Maula.

3. Kudiya Shehar Diyaan.

4. Buzz - dance video.

5. Suraj Hua Maddham.

6. Ang Laga De - dance video.

7. Habibi

8. Stage dance performance on Afghan Jalebi.

9. Sizzling hot dance performance at PTC Punjabi awards.

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