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Kenisha Awasthi best hot photos, videos and web series - actress known for Mastram (Miss Rita), Raktanchal (Bindu) and Grind music video (Emiway).

photo : Mastram on MXPlayer.


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Kenisha Awasthi is an Indian actress who has gained popularity for her sizzling hot appearances in web series. The actress first rose to fame with her role as teacher Miss Rita in Mastram web series released in 2020. The same year, this stunning curvy Indian actress also won the fans with her another hot appearance as Bindu in Raktanchal and Roma in Vir Das starrer Hasmukh. 

After rising to fame the actress also launched her own app to share more exclusive content with her fans and  as well as became a singer and composer releasing her own single titled Junoon. The actress was last seen playing the role of Meeshu in 2022 released Good Bad Girl.

Kenisha Awasthi's controvery.

Kenisha Awasthi also made much buzz when she appeard in Emiway's popular song Grind, while the song was a hit and Kenisha won the fans with her fine curves and sizzling hot appearance in the show, Emiway's controversy with Raftaar had the actress face much trolling on social media as well.

Kenisha Awasthi's hot scene.

Kenisha Awasthi's steamy hot and bold scene from web series Mastram and Raktanchal has gone viral on internet. The actress has been known to set screens on fire with her fine curves in sarees.

Kenisha Awashti's web series and videos:

  • Good Bad Girl. 
  • Grind - Emiway. 
  • The Incomplete Man. 
  • Raktanchal. 
  • Mastram. 
  • Hasmukh.
  • The Cancer Bitch.
Kenisha Awasthi also has her own YouTube channel where she shares her singles and dance cover videos along with various travel and fitness vlogs.

Check out these photos and videos of Kenisha Awasthi which set internet on fire.

Kenisha Awasthi's stylish hot look in cleavage baring tight fit dress flaunting her fine curves.

Kenisha Awasthi raising the heat in navel baring saree.

Kenisha Awasthi flaunting ample cleavage in body hugging short dress.

Kenisha Awasthi raising the heat with ample cleavage show at OTT PLay Awards.

Raktanchal actress Kenisha Awasthi flauting her fine natural curves in navel baring saree.

Kenisha Awasthi looking stunning hot in body hugging white dress.

Kenisha Awasthi in animal printed bikini.

Kenisha Awasthi in bikini top flaunting ample cleavage.

Mastram actress flaunting her fine curvy body in two piece bikini.

Raktanchal actress in navel baring red saree with tiny bralette.

Raktanchal's Bindu raising the heat in low waist navel baring saree showing her fine curves.

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