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Secretary (Ullu app) and Saazish (Dreams films) web series actress, Payal Patil, hot photos and videos - Indian model, dancer, and influencer.

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Payal Patil is an Indian model, actress and dancer. She first gained popularity among netizens with the web series Saazish released on OTT app - Dreams Films. The actress setting screens on fire with her new web series titled Secretary streaming on Ullu app, the actress plays the role of a wife named Renu who is having an affair with her boss.

Payal Patil web series:

  • Saazish - Dreams Films.
  • Secretary - Ullu app.

The actress has also flaunted her fine curves in bikinis and short dresses along with some stunning photoshoots in sarees. Check it out on Payal Patil's official Instagram @payalpatilofficial2023

Actress Payal Patil as Renu in Secretary web series on Ullu app.

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