Hina Khan answers trolls who commented on her Umrah posts.

Hina Khan completes her Umrah and expresses happiness and gratitude in latest posts along with answering back the trolls.

Hina Khan hijab muslim woman
photo : instagram/realhinakhan

Hina Khan, who just completed her Umrah in the Holy place of Mecca and Medina, shared a post on her social media where she expressed her happiness and gratitude. The Indian TV actress also finally slammed the people who have been trolling the actress for sharing her Umrah posts on Instagram and judging her for clicking pictures along with her bikini pics shared in the past as well as her relationship with Rocky jaiswal.

The actress wrote in her latest post, "And to all those people who have been judging me left right and centre under my religious posts…All I can say is, I am no saint but I truly believe in Neeyat, kindness and good karma, good deeds.. Baaki aap sab ko apne karma ka khud jawaab dena hai oopar 😇
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Hacked actress faced much criticism and trolling for her religious posts along with her fans constantly supporting her and fighting with trolls in the comment sections as well.

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