This video proves Karishma Kapoor's hardwork and dedication to her craft - watch now.

Karishma Kapoor had her knees bleed while performing these dance steps for her hit song - Husn Hai Suhana with Govinda - watch now.

karishma kapoor sexy body hot video
photo : youtube/Tips Official

Karishma Kapoor is one of the few actresses who are not just known for their beautiful looks but an entertaining actress with some finest performance to her credit as well. The actress is also very hardworking and dedicated to her craft since early days of her careers. As in one of her interviews, the actress revealed how she almost had her knees bleed for the song Husn Hai Suhana from Coolie No. 1. If you will watch the song, you will see Karishma Kapoor and Govinda perform a step where she land on their knees. While Govinda was wearing pants with extra padding, Karishma Kapoor did it bare knees.

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