11 interesting facts about Madhubala - the most beautiful actress of Bollywood.

Less known interesting facts about Bollywood actress, Madhubala - known for Mughl-e-Azam, Howra Bridge, Half Ticket and more.

Madhubala actress facts
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Madhubala, holding the tag of most beautiful woman in Bollywood, was an Indian actress who appeared in Neel Kamal, Mughal-E-Azam, Howrah Bridge, Half Ticket, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi and Mahal. Madhubala's beauty and talent got the attention of many people in Hollywood as well. Here are some interesting facts about this eternal beauty of Bollywood - Madhubala.

1. Madhubala was named Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi when born, after the suggestion of Bombay Talkies Film Studio co-founder, Devika Rani, she changed her name to Madhubala.

2. The actress worked as child artist in movies like Basant and Dhanna Bhagat.

3. In 1951, American photographer James Burke captured the beauty of Madhubala in his camera for a Hollywood magazine proving the international stardom of this fine actress. The magazine taged Madhubala as Biggest Star in Indian Film Industry.

4. While Madhubala's carrer spanned over 2 decades, she predominantly worked for about 10 years and did over 60 films before her demise in 1969.

5. Madhubala's beauty also turned out to be a curse as her enchanting looks overshadowed her acting skills and potential. 

6. Madhubala lost the world mourning at the age of 36 because of heart disease, which was not made public upon diagnosis in the fear that it would spoil her career.

7. Madhubala is one of the very few actresses whose biopic is on a bucket list of many current actresses.

8. Madhubala was a pet lover and eighteen dogs. She also learned driving at young age and owned five luxury cars including Town & Country which was owned by only two people in Indian at that time.

9. Madhubala's relationship with Dilip Kumar gained much attention of media and fans but it had a bad end. However Madhubala's friends described that she was the happiest  during her relationship with Mughl-E-Azam actor. The actress later married Kishore Kumar.

10. Ranked as highest paid Bollywood actress of her time, Madhubala, was probably the first Indian actress who got film offers from Hollywood, however her father declined it.

11. Madhubala's last film was 1964 released Sharabi starring ever green Dev Anand, which was a box office success as well.

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