8 hot women of Temptation Island India who raised the heat in bikini.

Hot bikini pics of contestant and temptress from Temptation Island India - Nikita, Cheshta, Chetna, Ruma, Urvi and more.

temptation island India hot bikini

Here are some of the beautiful and stunning women of Temptation Island India who has made fans go wild with their bold bikini avatar from vacation photos to professional photoshoots.

Cheshta Bhagat.

Chshta Bhagat is an Indian actress known for her role in Pratiksha (Ullu app) and Maaya 3 web series and numerous other TV shows.  She entered the TIS as a couple.
cheshta bhagat bikini temptation island india

Chetna Pande.

Chetna Pande is an Indian model and actress known for Class of 2020 and MTV Ace Of Space. She has also joined Temptation Island as a couple.
chetna pande bikini temptation island india

Nidhi Kumar.

Nidhi Kumar is dancer and content creator who is among the four couples on Temptation Island India.
nidhi kumar bikini temptation island india

Nikita Bhamidipati.

Nikita Bhamidipati is a reality TV star, model and influencer who has also joined the show as a couple.
nikita bhamidipati bikini temptation island india

Ruma Sharma.

Ruma Sharma is a model and actress known for her numerous appearances in TV shows and web series.  She gained popularity for her role in Chhoriyan and has joined Temptation Island as a temptress.
ruma sharma bikini temptation island india

Urvi Shetty.

Urvi Shetty is the winner of India's Next Top Model season 4 and is a temptress of Temptation Island India.
urvi shetty bikini temptation island india

Mouni Roy.

Mouni Roy, the actress from Indian TV and Bollywood, has joined the show as the host.
Mouni Roy bikini hot photos sexy body

Shraddha Tiwari.

Shraddha Tiwari is also an actress who has joined Temptation Island India as a temptress.
Shraddha Tiwari bikini temptation island india

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