5 hottest Australian plus size curvy models in bikini.

5 popular plus size Australian models in bikini who are redefining 'sexy' with their fine curves and changing the perception of perfect body.

Australian plus size curvy models bikini swimsuit
photo : instagram

Modeling Industry has been changing a lot lately, with big fashion brands and magazines choosing diversity of women from different age, color, country and body. It's not longer ruled by women who fit in a 'typical model' cutout, instead the new hotties are changing the rules and opening the doors for women around the globe to dream a career in modeling and feel confident with their natural self. 

Here we have picked 5 Australian plus size models who has been making much buzz on social media and setting things onf ire with their fine curvy bodies in bikini.

La'tecia Thomas hot bikini pic.

Riley Hemson hot bikini pic.

Kate Wasley hot bikini pic.

Mahalia Handley hot bikini pic.

Stefania Ferrario hot bikini pic.

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