5 Bollywood actresses who give hottest sex & intimate scenes.

5 Indian actresses who set screens on fire with their intimate hot and sex scenes - Bollywood actresses with best sexy expressions raising the temperature.

kareena kapoor sex scene fida bollywood actress
Kareena Kapoor's hot intimate scene in Fida | photo : Tips

Bollywood films have been known to have some of the hottest sex scenes which have landed many actors and filmmakers in controversies as well. However, these Bollywood actresses never failed to set screens on fire and made their fans crazy. While some actresses went too bold shedding more clothes and other used their teasing expressions to set screens on fire, here are 5 Indian actresses who raised the temperature with their hot sex scenes. 

1. Kareena Kapoor hot sex scene with husband Saif in Kurbaan.

Starting the list with one of the hottest actresses of Bollywood - Kareena Kapoor. This Bollywood diva has been no stranger to giving sex scenes. In a number of films she has raised the temperature with her steamy hot intimate scenes and expressions which have made fans crazy. Some of the hottest sex scenes of Kareena Kapoor are with Saif Ali Khan in Kurbaan, with Fardeen Khan in Fida and her sex tape scene with Arjun Rampal in Heroine.    

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2. Neha Dhupia hot sex scene in Julie.

Neha Dhupia is one of the boldest actresses of Bollywood and she proved it really well in her movie Julie, in which she played the rose of a prostitute. Neha Dhupia has given hot and steamy sex scenes in various films including her double role film Sheesha as well and the actress never failed to set screens on fire.

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3. Priyanka Chopra hot sex scene in Fashion.

Priyanka Chopra is another top leading lady of Bollywood who is now a global star. While all over the word has seen Priyanka in numerous sex and hot scenes in TV series Quantico, she has been raising the temperature with her Bollywood films for past couple of decades as well. Priyanka Chopra has given some of her hottest sex scenes in Bollywood films and her expressions in Indian movies hot scenes tops her sexy Hollywood scenes as well. While her scene with Akshay Kumar in Aitraaz is all time favorite among fans, she also gave a steamy shower scene with Arjun Rampal and various scenes in critically acclaimed Fashion as well.

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4. Aishwarya Rai hot sex scene in Mistress of Spice.

Aishwarya Rai's this scene in red saree and making out with a Hollywood actor has been known to be a fan favorite. However the actress has given various hot and sex scenes in Bollywood films including her intimate scenes with Sanjay Dutta and Hrithik Roshan.  The 48-year-old is still one of the most desired women in Bollywood.

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5. Vidya Balan hot scenes in The Dirty Picture.

Vidya Balan is a fine actress of Bollywood and her acting skills in many critically successful films might have overshadowed her oozing hotness and sex scenes. While the actress did a number of steamy scenes in The Dirty Picture alone. Her intimate scenes with actors like Sanjay Dutta, Akshay Kumar and Farhan Akhtar also made fans crazy.

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