Shraddha Kapoor's oops moment/wardrobe malfunction - shows her bra accidentally.

Shraddha Kapoor had an embarrassing oops moment whens she accidentally flaunted her bra during an internet for Baaghi 3 promotion.

shraddha kapoor wardrobe malfunction
Shraddha Kapoor accidentally showing her bra | photo : youtube

Bollywood actress are known to have wardrobe malfunctions and Shraddha Kapoor happens to be one of the victims of it. Aashiqui 2 actress had an oops moment when she accidentally flaunted her bra during an interview.

photo : Box Office India Magazine

The interview had arranged a cake for Tigher Shroff's birthday, the lead actor in Baaghi 3 and as Shraddha decided to sit a bit more comfortably and bent over a little, the wrong camera angle accidentally caught the actress bra that was visible through the plunging neckline of her short dress.

See the interview of Shraddha Kapoor where the oops moment happened.

After Shraddha Kapoor's 'down blouse' moment the actress was more careful the next time she had to bend over to cut the cake and she used her hand to cover her plunging neckline and avoided more oops moments.

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