11 Best commercials/ads of Flora Saini - actress from Gandii Baat 2 and Stree.

11 best ads/commercials of Gandii Baat 2 actress, Flora Saini - the actress who played ghost in the film Stree.

Flora Saini ad commercial videos

Flora Saini is an Indian actress, who predominantly works in Tollywood and has appeared in Hindi and Kannada films as well. Her popularity skyrocketed after her bold lesbian sex scene with fellow actress Anveshi Jain from AltBalaji's Gandii Baat went viral on internet. Flora Saini played the role of Sajili in Gandii Baat season 2. The actress has also been awarded for her charity work towards the poor and helpless. 

Flora Saini has also worked in numerous ad commercials, see below:

11. Flora Sain in Catch Hing Masala ad.

10 ) Flora Saini - V Vash Commercial.

9 ) Flora Saini in Chola MS Health Insurace commercial.

8 ) Flora Saini - Samsung Note Commercial.

7 ) Flora Saini with Vivek Oberoi in Zeal Raincoat Commercial.

6 ) Flora Saini - Heinz ketchup commercial.

5 ) Flora Saini in Snapdeal commercial.

4 ) Flora Saini with Irrfan Khan in Arise LED TV ad.

3 ) Flora Saini in Dettol commercial.

2 ) Flora Saini in Himalaya Toothpaste commercial.

1 ) Flora Sainin in Annapurna Ghee Commercial.

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