Olivia Wilde hot scene from The Change Up - Sabrina wants to have sex with Dave.

Watch Olivia Wilde play a sexy secretary in The Change Up (2011), who wants to have sex with her boss - Olivia Wilde strips down to her bra and underwear.

Olivia Wilde hot scene the change up
photo : youtube

Olivia Wilde is one of the hottest women in Hollywood and she had done a number of sizzling hot scenes that made her earn a place in the list of most desired women in Hollywood. The actress did a sexy hot scene in her 2011 released movie The Change Up, where she stripped her clothes down to her bra and underwear.

Olivia played the role of a secretary named Sabrina in the movie, while Ryan Reynolds played her boss named Dave. The duo go out to watch a baseball game but get caught in a thunderstorm. Olivia takes a shelter in Dave's house but things heat up when Sabrina pulls her pants down revealing her perfect butt in a pair of lacy underwear to the camera and goes on to sit in Dave's lap.

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