Wife has sex with a stranger - hot scene from Ennul Aayiram feat. actress Shruti Yugal.

Watch this hot scene of Shruti Yugal as a married woman having sex with a stranger from Ennul Aayiram movie. 

Shruti Yugal wife affair hot scene
photo : youtube

Ennul Aayiram is a 2016 released Tamil suspense drama film featuring Maha as Ashok, Marina Michael as Suhasini and Shruti Yugal as a married woman. The Indian film features a steamy hot scene where Ashok meets Shruti on a rainy evening at a bus stop. 

Shruti plays the role of a wife whose husband is away and she is missing the emotional and physical love so when Ashok accidentally touches Shruti's hand... she couldn't resit the touch of a man and leads him to her home.  The duo has sex and wakes but wakes up in bed next morning hearing the door bell.

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