Indian actress fight scene in a bikini - watch video.

Pooja Bhalekar raises the heat and win the fans with her action skills and flaunting her fit sexy body in a pink bikini - watch scene from RGV's Ladki movie.

pooja bhalekar bikini fight scene ladki
photo : Youtube

Pooja Bhalekar fighting in a bikini scene from RGV's Ladki was definitely much loved by the fans of the actress. With vision of one of the best directors of India, Ram Gopal Verma, the scene features Pooja Bhalekar in a pink bikini taking on multiple bad guys while setting the screens on fire as the actress displays her fit sexy body with RGV's slow motion and low angle shots adding more to the scenes.

Released in 2022, the film was tagged as India's first female martial arts genre film. 

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