Invisible man takes off woman's underwear - Hot scene - Hollow Man (2000).

Invisible man takes off Elisabeth Shue's underwear in this hot and creepy scene from Hollow Man (2000) - Watch this sexy Hollywood actress flaunt her sexy legs in this popular scene.

Elisabeth Shue in underwear hot scene hollow man
Elisabeth Shue underwear hot scene | photo : youtube

Hollow Man, the Hollywood film which came out in 2000, has some of the best VFX of it's time. The film also features one of the hottest and yet creepy scenes.

In the scene Actress Elisabeth Shue, who played the role of Linda McKay, is shown sleeping in her underwear. until the Hollow Man (an invisible man) creeps in her bedroom and pulls away the blanket revealing the fine sexy legs of her.

The film maker raised the temperature even more when they showed the hollow man unbuttoning her top and then taking off her underwear. The actress wakes up with a scream as the Hollow Man spreads he legs, realizing that it was all her dream.

Hollow Man was a commercial success but received mostly negative reviews from critics.

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