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Kaira Shegal hot web series, pics and videos - actress known for Dhokha (Besharams) Khiladi Bhaiya, Sahara (Hunters) and Kabhi Ye Kabhi Wo (Primeplay).

Kaira Shegal web series actress primeplay hunters besharams
photo : instagram/kaira_shegal_officially


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Kaira Shegal is an Indian actress who has been working for various OTT apps like Primeplay, Hunters and Besharams. The actress is getting much popularity for her work and has emerged as the new favorite who doesn't fail to set screens on fire.

Actress Kaira Shegal's official Instagram is @kaira_shegal_officially

Kaira Shegal flaunting her sexy legs in black outfit.

Kaira Shegal with actress Pihu Singh.

Kaira Shegal in pink night gown.

Bold Indian web series actress, Kaira Shegal's hot instagram reels in saree.

Kaira Shegal in Dhokha web series from Besharams app.

Kaira Shegal's bold almost topless photoshoot.

Kaira Shegal's hot photoshoot.

Kaira Shegal in Kabhi Ye Kabhi Wo web series from Primeplay app.

Actress Kaira Shegal in Sahara web series from Hunters app.

Kaira Shegal in Khiladi Bhaiya web series from Hunters app.

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